Myth Today, 2023, 5:20, Graphite

Familiar gestures from disparate American institutions are isolated through hand-drawn rotoscope animation to reveal the troubling connections between them.
Driftless, 2019, 6m, Graphite
Now only a memory, intimate moments with a family pet emerge and evaporate through delicately rotoscoped graphite drawings. | Press
Sunset Blvd Drawings, 2020, Charcoal
Ground rubbings and field recordings from Sunset Blvd in Los Angeles.
Political Cartoon, 2020, Seamless Loop
Look Daggers, 2020, Seamless Loop
Growth Cycle, 2019, Seamless Loop
Hell Bent Type, 2019, Seamless Loop
For Better or For Worse, 2019, Seamless Loop
Like A Faraway Planet, 2019, Seamless Loop
BADLAND, 2019, Installation Documentation
Julians Exit, 2019, Rotoscope Loop
On April 11, 2019, Julian Assange was arrested and removed
from the 
Ecuadorian Embassy in London.