Jonah Primiano
Filmmaker working with animation and rotoscope.

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Presentation information for Society for Animation Studies Conference, June 2022

Diagram depicting rotoscopic space in contemporary culture.

The Image Gazes Back, Rotoscope & Demystification | Artist Talk | October 2021

Driftless, 2019, Graphite, 6.5m

Sunset Blvd Drawings, Graphite, 2021

Mostly Moving, Self-Published Magazine, 2019-21

Myth Today, Upcoming short film, 2022, 4m

Political Cartoon, 2020, Seamless Loop

Look Daggers, 2020, Seamless Loop

Growth Cycle, 2019, Seamless Loop

Hell Bent Type, 2019, Seamless Loop

For Better or For Worse, 2019, Seamless Loop

Like A Faraway Planet, 2019, Seamless Loop

BADLAND, 2019, Installation Documentation

Julians Exit, 2019, Rotoscope Loop
On April 11, 2019, Julian Assange was arrested and removed from Ecuadorian Embassy in London.